Woodland Park (Three Structures, One Bldg) – Shawnee

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Address:  Between Union, Broadway, and Highland Streets, Shawnee, Oklahoma 040,Pottawatomie County 125 County: Pottawatomie
Started:   Completed:  1936,1937

Current Usage:


The WPA did extensive work in Woodland Park. Structures still existing include a rock wall that runs 49 5 feet (11 wide, 2 1 /2 to 3 1/2′ high), several stone benches, two regulation¬≠size tennis courts, and a 143′ x 116′ swimming pool with bathhouse and separate wading pool. The bathhouse is a single-story, rectangular (150′ x 52′) structure with a central wing (40′ x 24′) located in front. It is constructed of untooled and uncoarsed native sandstone. The mortar is beaded. The flat roof has parapets, but it is covered by a new aluminum roof. Entryways consist of double plate glass doors in the central wing, and single plate glass doors on the east and west sides of the wing. Windows are plate glass also. A pumphouse is located on the east end of the building. Its walls are rocked only partially, while the remainder of the wall is covered with wood clapboard. The wading pool is immediately north of the bathhouse, and the tennis courts are located east of the bathhouse. The rock wall runs along the east end of the park. The new aluminum roof unfortunately, impairs the integrity of the WPA architecture.
Prior to 1935 the city of Shawnee was badly in need of parks and recreational facilities. It is significant that the WPA was able to step in and help fulfill this need. Also significant is that the construction of Woodland Park facilities provided jobs for many men who were unemployed and desperately in need of money to feed their families. Woodland Park is a frequently-used area and is notable within Shawnee for its pool and bathhouse. These structures are unique in type, style, scale, materials, and workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Part of Blocks 11 and 12 in Shawnee original


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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