Woodrow Wilson School Addition – Shawnee

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Address:  Beard and Emmett Streets, Shawnee, Oklahoma 040, Pottawatomie County 125 County: Pottawatomie
Started:   Completed:  1940

Current Usage:


The addition to Woodrow Wilson School is two stories, rectangular (54′ x 86′) and constructed of brick. It is placed on the end of the original building. The roof of the addition is flat with concrete capped parapets. The front door is recessed behind an enclosed entryway that has jambs and a pediment of cut limestone. The two door side entry is slightly subsurface and has transom lights. Window openings in the upper level have cut limestone jambs and continuous sills and lintels, the upper part of which is filled with bas relief carvings. Jambs, sills and lintels on the lower windows are also of cut limestone. On the rear of the building visual relief is attained by decorative brickwork.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1940; architect/builder: unknown
The addition to Woodrow Wilson school is primarily significant because of its two stories, a feature that is rather rare on WPA buildings. The fact that the addition also symbolizes the social significance of the WPA program–putting destitute people to work–is also significant, as its importance to the advancement of elementary education in Shawnee.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Block 4, Belmont Heights Addition to Shawnee original plat.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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