Address: Central Park, Texas and Ninth Streets, Woodward, OklahomaCountry Woodward
Started: 1937Completed 1938

Current Usage


The American Legion Headquarters Building is a two-story, rectangular (108′ x 55′} structure constructed of uncut native stone laid in a random rubble pattern. The roof is flat with parapet and has mission tile near the eaves. The north entrance is recessed behind a stone round arch. Stone pilasters are located at the corners of the building. Wood sash windows are single spaced with concrete slip sills. Unfortunately, additions have been attached to the west and south sides of the structure that impair its architectural integrity.
The Woodward American Legion Headquarters Building in Central Park is significant for it provided the American Legion a permanent home for its organization and gave the community a “meeting place for public gatherings, luncheons, and Chamber of Commerce offices.” Moreover, the project created temporary jobs for unemployed workers during the Depression in addition to bolstering local morale. As a WPA structure, the building is important architecturally in terms of its type, scale, and construction materials. Within the community, the structure is unique in terms of its type, style, and construction materials.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Block 83, Woodward original.


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