WPA Structures not Documented

Alfalfa County
Agricultural BlgsCherokeeunable to find
City ParkCarmenunable to find
Recreation CenterCarmenunable to find
Water/Elec./PlantCherokeeUnable to find
City Garage/WarehouseCherokeeunable to find
Ball ParkGoltryunable to find
Town HallGoltryunable to find
Bldg: Fish HatcheryHelenaunable to find
Bldgs: Western Okla HomeHelenaunable to find
Ellis County  
SchoolArnettunable to find
City ParkArnettunable to find
Union Schoolnear Arnettunable to find
SchoolFargounable to find
Recreation Center Fargounable to find
City HallSattuckunable to find
Swimming Pool/ParkSattuckunable to find
Garfield County   
Sewage Disposal PlantCovingtonunable to find
GymDouglasunable to find
SchoolDrummondunable to find
Glenwood SchoolEnidunable to find
Govt. Spring Parks BldgsEnidunable to find
Fire StationEnidunable to find
WarehouseEnidunable to find
Agricultural BlgEnidunable to find
Bldgs: No. Ok HospitalEnidunable to find
Airport Bldgs.Enidunable to find
SchoolGarberunable to find
WaterworksGarber (Vic)can’t verify
SchoolHaywoodcan’t verify
WaterworksKremlinunable to find
SchoolWaukomisunable to find
WaterworksWaukomisunable to find
Grant County  
SchoolDeer Creek (Vic)altered
Hose RackDeer Creekunable to find
ParkJeffersonunable to find
SchoolJefferson (Vic)unable to find
SchoolLamontunable to find
Athletic FieldMedfordaltered
ParkMedfordno structures
Ag. BuildingsMedfordno evidence of
WaterworksMedfordno evidence of
ParkPond Creekno evidence of
SchoolRenfro (Vic)no evidence of
SchoolWakitaunable to find
Harper County  
Ag. BuildingsBuffalounable to find
WaterworksBuffalounable to find
SchoolLaverneunable to find
Bus GarageLaverneunable to find
Kay County  
Airport BldgsBlackwellno evidence of
Stadium/ParkBlackwellno evidence of
SchoolKaw Cityno evidence of
SchoolKildaireno evidence of
Incinerator BldgNewkirkno evidence of
SchoolNewkirkno evidence of
BanshellNewkirkno evidence of
ArmoryChilocco (https://catalog.archives.gov/OpaAPI/media/2745634/content/nrf/chilocco/the_chilocco_annual_1955.pdf)replaced
Municipal GaragePonca Cityno evidence of
Airport BlgsPonca Cityno evidence of
SchoolThree Sands 
Major County  
City ParkFairview 
Swimming PoolFairview 
Boy Scout CabinFariview 
SchoolFairview (Vic) 
TeacherageOrlenta (vic)ruins
Noble County  
Community BuildingBillings 
Waterworks & FencePerry 
Bus GaragePerry 
West Park BldgPerry 
Recreation CenterPerry 
Assistant LibraryPerry 
Agricultural BldgPerry 
SchoolWillow Crest 
Woodward County  
GymFort Supply 
Western State Hospital BldgsFort Supply 
Swimming PoolMooreland 
School & Ath, FieldWoodwardaltered
Farm Exp. StationWoodward 
Woods County  
Tennis CourtsAlva 
Ag. BldgsAlva 
City ParkAvard 
Timber BridgeEdity 
Vocational Shop Bldg.Waynoka 
Adair County  
Kentucky SchoolSec. 33, Tl4N, R24Egone
Greasy  SchoolSec. 8, Tl4N, R25ENew School Complex
Rocky MountainTl4N, R25Egone
Starr SchoolSE, Sec. 8, Tl5N, R26Ealtered
Oak Grove SchoolSW, Sec. 27, Tl6N, R26ERuins; questionable WPA
Green Valley SchoolSec. 10, Tl9N, R25Egone
Holland SchoolSec. 10, Tl9N, R24Egone
Whitmire SchoolNW SW Sec. 20, Tl7N, R25Ereplaced
Chandler SchoolNW, Sec. 18, Tl9N, R25Ealtered
Chalk Bluff SchoolSE, Sec. 30, Tl6N, R26EWPA ???
Piney SchoolNE, Sec. 9, Tl6N, R26EWPA ???
West PeavineNorth of Stillwelltoo altered
Maryetta SchoolSE, Sec. 22, Tl6N, R25Ealtered
Cherokee County  
Teresita SchoolSec. 20, Tl9N, R22Egone
Lucky SchoolSec. 23, Tl9N, R21Egone
Peggs SchoolSec. 31 , Tl9N, R21Eburned
Shiloh SchoolSec. 14, Tl8N, R21Egone
Clear Creek/ Hinton SchoolSec. 14, Tl8N, R20Erebuilt residence
Ukeo Home SchoolSec. 8, Tl8N, R20Egone
Victory Chapel SchoolSec. 14, Tl7N, R20Egone
Hulbert SchoolSec. 23, Tl7N, R20Egone
Gromley Schoo 1Sec. 20, Tl7N, R20Eunderwater
Woodland SchoolSec. 35, Tl6N, R20Egone
Tahlequah Am. Legion HutShawnee and BrooksideWPA ???
Sequoyah Park Pool (Tahlequah)Shawnee and Brooksidereplaced
Double Springs SchoolSW, Sec. 11, Tl7N, R21E 
Gideon SchoolSec. 26, Tl8N, R21Egone
Prairie Valley SchoolSec. 1, Tl6N, R21Enew residences
W.W. Hastings HospitalTahlequahnot all WPA
Bethel SchoolSec. 29, Tl8N, R21Edeteriorated
Woodall SchoolSec. 34, Tl5N, R21Enew school
Cookson SchoolSec. 12, Tl4N, R23Enew school
Craig County  
WhitmoreSec. 17, T28N, Rl8Egone
ValleySec. 23, T29N, R19E gone
EndsonSec. 23, T28N, Rl8Egone
SmithSec. 12, T26N, R21Egone
Iron PostSec. 31, T29N, R20Egone
Timber HillsSW, Sec. 26, T27N, R20Eruins
Wimer SchoolSec. 29, T28N, Rl8Ewooden-in ruins
Eastern State HospitalSec. 7, T25N, R21Etoo altered
Prairie Chapel SchoolSec. 10, T24N, R21Ereplaced by new residence
Kelly SchoolSec. 25, T25N, R18Egone
Vinita High SchoolVinitareplaced by new bldgs
Creek County  
Pleasant SchoolSec. 28, Tl4N, R7Eruins
SchoolSec. 25, Tl5N, R7Eruins
Milfay SchoolSec. 27, Tl5N, R7Eruins
Depew Grade SchoolSec. 6, Tl5N, R8Etorn down
Depew  TeacheragesSec. 6, Tl5N, R8Egone
Glendale SchoolNW Sec. 10, Tl5N, R8Eruins
Central SchoolNW Sec. 11, Tl5N, R8Eruins
SchoolSec. 28, T16N, R8Enot located
Oakwood SchoolNE Sec. 13, Tl5N, R8Enot located
SchoolSec. 31, Tl5N, R8Eruins
Oakwood SchoolNE Sec. 13, Tl5N, R8Enot located
SchoolSec. 31, Tl5N, R8Eruins
Bristow Bus GarageSec. 30, T16N, R9Egone
Bristow Football StadiumSec. 30, T16N, R9Egone
Dinham SchoolSW Sec. 26, T14N, R8Eruins
Newby SchoolNW Sec. 3, T14N, R9Eimprovements
Banner SchoolSE Sec. 26, T14N, R9Enot located
SchoolSec. 31, T15N, Rl0Enot located
School & Gym Near SlickSec. 22, T15N, Rl0Eruins
SchoolSec. 15, T16N, R9Enot located
Cottonwood SchoolSW Sec. 36, Tl9N, R8Egone
SchoolSec. 19, T19N, R8Egone
SchoolSec. 21, T19N, R7Egone
OiltonSec. 32, T19N, R7Egone
SchoolSec. 14, T18N, R7Egone
Rockdale SchoolSW Sec. 7, T18N, R8Eruins
Drumright LibrarySec. 6, Tl7N, R7Ebeyond distinction
Drumright Lincoln SchoolSec. 6, T17N, R7Eruins
Drumright Edison SchoolSec. 6, T17N, R7Egone
SchoolSec. 17, T16N, R7Egone
Hull SchoolSW Sec. 13, T16N, R7Eunknown
KieferSec. 20, T17N, R12Egone
SlickSW Sec. 8, T15N, Rl0Eunknown
MoundsSec. 8, T16N, R12Egone
Sapulpa BleachersSec. 35, T18N, RllEtorn down
Sapulpa Pool & BathhouseSec. 35, T18N, RllEtorn down 
Sapulpa GrandstandSec. 35, T18N, RllEtorn down 
Sapulpa Community BldgSec. 35, T18N, RllEruins
Delaware County  
Bull Hollow Ag. BldgSE, Sec. 18, T21N, R23EWPA ???
JayJaynot WPA
Jay City PoliceJaynot WPA
Shady Grove SchoolSec. 29, T21N, R22Etorn down
Grove LibraryGrovetoo altered
Bernice SchoolSec. 25?, T25N, R23Eunderwater
Grove City LibraryGrovetoo altered
Eucka SchoolSWI/4 Sec. 29, T22N, R23Eruins
Oak Grove SchoolNW, Sec. 29, T24N, R23EWPA ???
RaperSEl/4 Sec. 15, T3N, R22Ealtered
Mayes County  
Pensacola SchoolSec. 23, T23N, R20Enot found
Strang GymSW, Sec. 1, T22N, R20Ealtered
Whitaker HomePryorMain Bldg renovation
Pequah SchoolSec. 33, T23N, R21Eolder than WPA
Post Oak Flat SchoolSec. 15, T23N, R21Egone
Pleasant Hills SchoolSec. 29, T19N, R18Eolder than WPA
Brushy Creek SchoolSec. 8, T19N, R19Eruins
Longview SchoolSec. 4, T19N, R18Enot WPA
Lone Star SchoolSec. 28, T19N, R20Ereplaced by new brick church
McIntosh County  
Elm Grove SchoolSW Sec. 17, T12N, R16Egone


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