WPA Structures not Documented



Alfalfa County
Site City Reason
Agricultural Blgs Cherokee unable to find
City Park Carmen unable to find
Recreation Center Carmen unable to find
Gym Carmen Altered
Water/Elec./Plant Cherokee Unable to find
City Garage/Warehouse Cherokee unable to find
Ball Park Goltry unable to find
Town Hall Goltry unable to find
Bldg: Fish Hatchery Helena unable to find
Bldgs: Western Okla Home Helena unable to find
Ellis County    
School Arnett unable to find
City Park Arnett unable to find
Union School near Arnett unable to find
School Fargo unable to find
Recreation Center  Fargo unable to find
City Hall Sattuck unable to find
Swimming Pool/Park Sattuck unable to find
Garfield County     
School Covington Altered
Sewage Disposal Plant Covington unable to find
Gym Douglas unable to find
School Drummond unable to find
Glenwood School Enid unable to find
Govt. Spring Parks Bldgs Enid unable to find
Fire Station Enid unable to find
Warehouse Enid unable to find
Agricultural Blg Enid unable to find
Bldgs: No. Ok Hospital Enid unable to find
Airport Bldgs. Enid unable to find
School Garber unable to find
Waterworks Garber (Vic) can’t verify
School Haywood can’t verify
Waterworks Kremlin unable to find
School Waukomis unable to find
Waterworks Waukomis unable to find
Grant County    
School Deer Creek (Vic) altered
Hose Rack Deer Creek unable to find
Park Jefferson unable to find
School Jefferson (Vic) unable to find
School Lamont unable to find
Athletic Field Medford altered
Park Medford no structures
Ag. Buildings Medford no evidence of
Waterworks Medford no evidence of
Park Pond Creek no evidence of
School Renfro (Vic) no evidence of
School Wakita unable to find
Harper County    
Ag. Buildings Buffalo unable to find
Waterworks Buffalo unable to find
School Laverne unable to find
Bus Garage Laverne unable to find
Kay County    
Airport Bldgs Blackwell no evidence of
Stadium/Park Blackwell no evidence of
School Kaw City no evidence of
School Kildaire no evidence of
Incinerator Bldg Newkirk no evidence of
School Newkirk no evidence of
Banshell Newkirk no evidence of
Armory Chilocco (https://catalog.archives.gov/OpaAPI/media/2745634/content/nrf/chilocco/the_chilocco_annual_1955.pdf) replaced
Municipal Garage Ponca City no evidence of
Airport Blgs Ponca City no evidence of
School Three Sands  
School Tonkawa  
Pool Tonkawa  
School Uncas  
Major County    
Gym Ames  
City Park Fairview  
Swimming Pool Fairview  
Boy Scout Cabin Fariview  
School Fairview (Vic)  
Teacherage Orlenta (vic) ruins
Noble County    
Community Building Billings  
Waterworks Billings  
School Billings  
Waterworks & Fence Perry  
Bus Garage Perry  
West Park Bldg Perry  
Recreation Center Perry  
Assistant Library Perry  
Agricultural Bldg Perry  
School Willow Crest  
Woodward County    
School Curtis  
Gym Fort Supply  
Western State Hospital Bldgs Fort Supply  
Gym/Auditorium Mooreland altered
Swimming Pool Mooreland  
Waterworks Quinian  
School & Ath, Field Woodward altered
Airfield Woodward  
Farm Exp. Station Woodward  
Waterworks Woodward  
Woods County    
School Alva  
Tennis Courts Alva  
Ag. Bldgs Alva  
Waterworks Alva  
Gym Avard  
City Park Avard  
Gym Dacoma  
Timber Bridge Edity  
School Freedom  
Vocational Shop Bldg. Waynoka