Wyandotte Elementary School – Wyandotte

Address: 1st and 2nd Streets, Wyandotte, Oklahoma CountyOttawa

Current Usage:


This rectangular (60′ x 120′), eight-room schoolhouse is constructed of crudely laid uncut coral-like stone. It has a gabled roof with projecting eaves. The front entryway is recessed and presently consists of double glass doors with sidelights and transcoms. Steps leading up to the entry have stone sidewalls topped with concrete. The casement windows with concrete sills extend to the eaves on the sides of the building and to a protruding concrete freize which closes the gables on the roof. A brick addition to the rear facade of the building is not sufficient to destroy the integrity of the structure.
This school is significant as a community resource. The wages for some 31,000 man­hours of labor earned through its construction were infused back into the local business community which which eased the economic affects of the depression on mainstreet. Furthermore the school provided more modern and improved facilities to meet the educational needs of the children of the community, a function it has continued to provide for more than fifty years. Architecturally it is unique for its small, coral-like stone building materials and high gabled roof design.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the southeast corner of the NW 1/4 go west 416 feet and north 260 feet to a point of beginning, there north 156 feet, west 208 feet, south 156 feet, and east 208 feet.

The historic 1936 elementary school building in Wyandotte, Oklahoma is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of 1st and School streets. The original eight-room structure measured 60′ x 120′. The building, still recognizable, has since been expanded, and is still in use.[2]


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