Wynona High School – Wynona

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Address:  Antwine and 3rd Streets, Wynona, Oklahoma 040, Osage County 113 County:  Osage
Started:   Completed:  1939

Current Usage:


Constructed of red brick laid with a running bond, the Wynona High School building is single story and rectangular (271′ x 200′). The roof is flat with parapets capped with cut limestone blocks. Continuous pre-formed concrete sills and lintels on the side and front, corner pilasters, decorative friezes and modified pilasters at the entryways give the building a unique stylistic quality. The rear exterior wall is constructed of a different type, apparently older, brick than used elsewhere. Original windows have been replaced with aluminum encased panes, an alteration that does not impeach the architectural integrity of the structure.
The Wynona High School building is especially important because of the impact it had on education within the community. Utilizing part of an older structure, the WPA created a modern facility that provided space for a separate “high school.” Physical separation of age and class groups constituted progressive education at its best in the 1930s, and the new building meant that Wynona could provide the best for its students. Today it stands as a symbol of that advancement. It is also a monument to a social program that provided jobs to persons made destitute by the national program. Architecturally, it is unique within the community in terms of type, style and workmanship. The fact that it is constructed with brick materials makes it notable relative to most other WPA-built school buildings.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: The west 135 feet of Block 10, Wynona original plat


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