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Today in history (Monday,May 22, 2017)

0012BC A daytime meteor shower - possibly Zeta Perseid observed in China
17611st life insurance policy in US -issued in Phila
18461st steamer arrives in Hawaii
1856Violence in Senate - SC rep Brooks used a cane on Mass Sen Sumner
1868Great Train Robbery seven men made off with $98000 in cash
19091st SF fireboat - David Scannell - is launched
1924in Chicago - Nathan Leopold & Richard Loeb kidnap Robert Franks
1930Ruth hits 3 consecutive HR (10th of 60)
1933World Trade Day
1939Hitler & Mussolini sign `Pact of Steel'
1946Yankees turn triple play & defeat Tigers' 5-3
19471st ballistic missile fired
1947Truman Doctrine went into effect aiding Turkey & Greece
1953Yankee Irv Noren hits into a triple play - Yanks beat Wash 12-4
1962Roger Maris sets record by getting 4 intentional passes & ties record with 5 walks in a 9 inning game
1963Mickey Mantle hits a ball off Yankee Stadium's facade
1967Egyptian president Nassar closes Straits of Tiran to Israel
1970Arab terrorists kill 9 children & 3 adults on a school bus
1970Mel Stottlemyre sets record by walking 11 but wins 2-0
1972Ceylon became Republic of Sri Lanka
1981Soyuz 40 returns to Earth
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