Some of the jewels found while researching:

Lake Texhoma – Built by German POWs until completed in 1944. POWs housed at Tishomingo and Powell and later at the dam site. – Corp of Engineers website

Garden Club and houses Ardmore – First built Carnegie Library in Oklahoma when its was still Oklahoma Territory, 1903.

Miami Coleman Theatre – The Coleman Theatre (favoring the British spelling) was built originally as a vaudeville theatre and movie palace, by George L. Coleman who became a multimillionaire magnate from his zinc and lead mines in Miami. He realized $1 Mil per month from his holdings. The Coleman Theatre Beautiful opened to a full house (1600 seats) on April 18, 1929 at a price of $1.00 per ticket. Since its grand opening in 1929 – the theatre has never been “dark” or closed. The entire complex is built of steel and concrete. The stairs are riveted like a battleship. There are no posts supporting the balcony, it rests on steel beams – a “floating balcony”. The original 1929 garden scene stage backdrop, as well as the movie screen, are still in place and in good condition. The auditorium is 6 stories from floor to ceiling. The entire theatre was built in 330 days at a cost of $590,000. Today it would cost over $16 Mil to replicate. Mr. Coleman spared no expense when building his show palace. The opulent structure’s exterior architecture is Spanish Mission Revival. [City of Miami Booklet]

The Most Toxic Ghost Town (Picher) –

Joe Shunatona and The United States Indian Reservation Orchestra

Page Memorial Library Building

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack, by Zack Mosley. A famous cartoonist born in Hickory, Oklahoma and moved around Oklahoma during the depression.

Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould was born in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Wentz Camp Castle Ponca City