Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Copied from Oklahoma District Civilian Conservation Corps Pictorial Review, 1938, page 91:

The one hundred and sixty-six men of Company 895 were enlisted at Oklahoma City and sent to Fort Logan, Colorado during the last of May and first part of June, 1933. Here they received their equipment and their portion of “conditioning”. On the seventeenth of June they were moved to Hosa Lodge, Colorado, where they set up their first camp. On June 30 the Company was shifted to Rainbow Lake, at Nederland, Colorado. During the next month they were busy building a road in the Boulder City Park, between Albion and Silver Lakes.

On July 28 the Company was moved from Rainbow Lake to the University of Colorado’s summer cabins. Here the men worked in the national forests, preventing fires, planting trees, and treating or removing diseased or dead timber.

On October 2 the Company was ordered to Oklahoma City, which became its permanent quarters. Tents were pitched on the shores of Northeast Lake in Lincoln Park. Work began at once, with some of the men working on roads, others constructing the Amphitheater, and the remainder building the permanent quarters. On October 17 the men folded their tents for the last time and moved into the barracks. After this all men were available for the company projects, which included building the amphitheater, improving the park, and building various roads and bridges in the vicinity.

The Company, under command of Lt. Moon from Denver, Colorado, has always had its full quota of men. In April, 1934 about half its number stepped out to make room for eighty recruits. On June 30 the remaining old men will be replaced by recruits. Most of the members of Company 895 live in Oklahoma City or in the vicinity. This has enabled them to remain in close contact with home ties while working for the CCC.


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