Ada, Oklahoma

Copied from Oklahoma District Civilian Conservation Corps Pictorial Review, 1938, page 47:

Company 834, CCC, was organized at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, May 16, 1933 and placed under the command of Captain W. A. Ray of the First Field Artillery, who moved the company to Camp F-22-W, railhead Centennial, Wyoming, on May 26, 1933. Officers on duty with the company at that time were: First Lieutenant F. J. Brown, of the First Field Artillery, Captain George L. Montgomery, of the Medical Reserve Corps, Sergeant Smith, Corporal Baker, Corporal Robert E. Shobert and Private Kennedy.

While in Wyoming the company was located in the Medicine Bow National Forest, about 42 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming. The Wyoming camp was a roving tent camp whose work consisted in roadside clearing, camp ground improvement and works of similar nature.

The company went into tent camp on their arrival at Ada, and remained in tents for two weeks, while permanent barracks were constructed.

Work Project SP-5-O is a municipal park for the city of Ada and the work consists in road and trail building, bridge and culvert construction, and the constructions of a bathhouse, an open air theatre, and a swimming pool. In addition to these projects, now under construction, many trees have been set out and the original trees trimmed and treated.

Captain W. A. Ray was relieved from command of the Company on December 15, 1933; he was replaced in command by Captain John R. Conway. Acting First Sergeant Arlie Diamond was discharged January 29, 1934; he was replaced by Tandy Pendergrass.

On March 14, 1934 Bobby Brewer replaced Joe Seale as Company Clerk.

First Lieutenant S. C. Simpkins of the Infantry Reserves, reported for duty with the company April 8, 1934, and on April 15, Lieutenant Rayburn was relieved.

Enrollees were received for replacement during October, 1933, and the losses by discharge on March 31, 1934, were replaced early in April. These enrollees were selected from Pontotac and neighboring counties in Oklahoma.

Mr. G. E. Spradlin reported to the Company as Camp Educational Advisor on May 1, 1934.


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