Stillwater, Oklahoma

Copied from Oklahoma District Civilian Conservation Corps Pictorial Review, 1938, page 37:

Company 867, Civilian Conservation Corps, was organized at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on May 24, 1933. It left Fort Sill on May 30 for Waunita Hot Springs in Gunnison County, Colorado.

There it spent the summer building trails, repairing roads, clearing timber, and cleaning the forest of fallen trees.

The Company Commander was First Lieutenant J. M. Burdge, First Field Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with Lieutenant F. H. Sinclair, second in command.

The company moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, on November 22, 1933, and went immediately into barracks already constructed on the campus of the Oklahoma A. and M. College. At this place the company beautified the college campus, built a warehouse at the Slate Forestry Nursery nearby, and did some soil erosion control work on the college educational farm.

On May 1, 1934, the company passed under the control of the Department of Interior, and was assigned to the Soil Erosion Service under Dr. N. E. Winters. It is engaged in controlling erosion of farms and pasture lands on the basin of Stillwater Creek in Payne and Noble Counties, Oklahoma.

The camp Superintendent during most of the existence of the company has been Mr. Glen N. Douglass, assisted by Messrs. E. B. Smith, Leslie L. Swim, and L. R. Kenefick.

The Company Commander now is Captain Garrett B. Drummond, Field Artillery Reserve. Captain Drummond is a graduate of West Point, and a member of the faculty of the Oklahoma A. and M. College. He has been on leave from the college since the Summer of 1933, and before coming to this company was in command of Company 1810, CCC, at Binger, Oklahoma.


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