Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Copied from Oklahoma District Civilian Conservation Corps Pictorial Review, 1938, page 97:

CCC Company 870 was formed May 25, 1933 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, of one hundred and sixty-seven men from the farms, towns and cities of the State of Oklahoma.

The men who were later to make up the roster of Company 870 were conditioned together with about five thousand other young men of Oklahoma in the city of Fort Sill.

On May 30, 1933 this company left Fort Sill for Colorado, under the command of First Lieutenant J. R. Lindsay, 18th Field Artillery, who was assisted by First Lieutenant F. C. Stritzinger, 18th Field Artillery, and First Lieutenant Warren S. Riley of the Medical Corps.

Captain Sterling C. Robertson, D. O. L. Infantry, joined and assumed command of the company on July 27, 1933; he was in command until September 2, 1933, at which time he was transferred to duty at San Antonio, Texas. With the departure of Captain Robertson, Lieutenant Lindsay resumed command.

Other officers who served with Company 870 were: Captain J. J. Schmidt; First Lieutenant T. D. Perryman; Second Lieutenant S. F. Crawford; Captain M. G. Steele and Captain R. W. Spence.

The Company arrived at Marshall, Colorado, about one one hundred and twenty miles northwest of Denver, on May 31, 1933—buses transported the men to their camp site, about three and one-half miles northeast of Tabernash.

Work in the Arapho National Forest was soon begun under their Forestry Camp Superintendent D. O. Johnson.

 The permanent camp and the road from the town to the camp were commenced.

Work in the Arapho National Forest consisted of road construction, tree thinning, trail building and general highway clean-up.


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