Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Copied from Oklahoma District Civilian Conservation Corps Pictorial Review, 1938, page 31:

Company 872 of CCC was formed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma on May 25, 1933 of one hundred and sixty-six Oklahomans, with Captain A. B. Helsey as Commanding Officer, and with Lieutenant John Meade, Lieutenant Geotge Peak and Lieutenant Paul Power (Camp Surgeon) assisting.

The company remained in Fort Sill for a brief training period of five days at the close of which it departed for Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The summer was spent in Camp F-29-C, in the San Juan National Forest, southeast of Pagosa Springs and along the Blanco River.

The company was increased while in this camp to a strength of two hundred by the addition of Colorado men, and it retained this strength until October 30th, when more than half of its members were discharged. On this date a new Company Commander assumed command: Captain W. J. Gastinger, who has remained with the company to the present date.

On November 15, 1933, the company was sent to their winter camp (SP-8-0) at Tecumseh, Oklahoma where it now resides. The company strength was raised to two hundred men by the addition of one hundred Texans and Oklahoma men.

On April 1, 1934, fifty men received discharges and the Colorado men were returned to their home State. The company strength was again raised to quota (now two hundred and sixteen) by the addition of eighty-seven Oklahoma men.

Company 872’s present officers are: Captain W. J. Gastinger, Commanding Officer; First Lieutenant Everett C. Reynolds, Second in Command; and Paul H. Power, Camp Surgeon.


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