Address:7th Street Entrance, Anadarko, OklahomaCounty:Caddo
Agencies:WPA, NYA, PWA, CCCNRHP:September 2, 2003

Current Usage

City Park


Several agencies and structures were built between 1934 to 1941. Randlett Park it self was planned in 1909 with the Dam complex and municipal power plant. The swimming pool was constructed in 1926 as an above-ground swimming pool.

Park Entrance 7th and Oklahoma Avenue

Starting in 1934 with funds from FERA two mirror-image brick priers, approximately forty-feet apart, support a horizontal concrete span with ornamentation and letting welcoming visitors to the park located as park entrance at 7th and Oklahoma Avenue. The arch is approximately fifteen feet tall.

Park Enrance 7th and Broadway

This entrance constructed the same time as Oklahoma Avenue entrance repeats some of the characteristics of the larger entrance but with some modifications. Although the piers are shorter, there is no arch.

Pedestrian Entrance near 8th and Central

In 1937 the National Youth Administration added this arched entrance to the park at its southeast entrance, directly opposite the armory to the east, allowing passage to the upper playing area of the park. The arch consists of two brick piers, similar to those on other entrances but without the decorative lines, and a concrete arch overhead connecting the two. The piers are about two feet square on concrete foundations, and about six feet tall to the point at which the poured concrete arch begins, the total structure being about nine feet tall. Small buttresses on the outside elevations with white concrete caps repeat elements of the main park entrances. The arch itself, painted white in contrast to the dark red brick piers, includes on the east elevation the text RANDLETT PARK 1937, embossed and painted dark green. In the center of the arch, and interrupting the text, is a faux keystone element that projects upward and outward and includes the letter A (for Anadarko). The west elevation includes only the letter A in the keystone portion of the concrete and no other text. The concrete walkway passing through the entrance includes
the embossed letters NYA. The arched entrance is flanked by two original electric lights and posts outside. Moreover, two smaller red sandstone square posts about two feet high are directly east of the piers; documentation does not exist for these small posts, but they form part of a larger sandstone curbing element and were installed either at the same time as the arch or earlier and are therefore part of this feature.

Pedestrian Entrance near 8th and Oklahoma

The swimming pool shown in the photo gallery was a 1926 built structure and is not a New Deal structure. I just thought it was a good looking historic structure.


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