Oklahoma Museum of History ( remote storage)
2100 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK

Indian Friendship

by James Auchiah, 1934, (oil on masonite?)

This painting resulted from the Public Works of Art Project and was originally designed for the Information Room of the Office of the Superintendent at the Five Civilized Tribes Agency in the Federal Building in Muskogee. In 1950, the noted scholar Grant Foreman was the agent who facilitated the move of the painting from its original location to the Oklahoma Museum of History, where it remains in storage today. It is catalogued as artifact number LP7370.

For the same project Auchiah also produced another painting, Indian Lovers. It was also designed for the Information Room. Probably about 1950 it was moved to the Art Building at Bacone College in Muskogee. The whereabouts of this painting are not known today.


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