Big Cabin Gym – Big Cabin

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Address: 2nd and Oak Streets, Big Cabin, Oklahoma 040, Craig County 035County Craig
Started: Completed 1939

Current Usage


The Big Cabin Gym is a rectangular shaped (76′ x 54′) structure with a single wing on the front facade. It is constructed from uncut and randomly laid native stone. The roof is gabled with projecting eaves over the central gym unit and an additional gabled roof, connected to the front facade, covers the wing. Windows have been altered with concrete block inlays and smaller energy efficient windows installed. All windows have cut stone sills. Pilasters decorate the sides of the gym. Additions to one side and the rear of the building in addition to the window alterations have destroyed the integrity of this building
This Gym is significant because it constituted an economically important community resource. Its construction provided 24,000 man-hours of wages for local families which were infused back into the depressed local economy. Jobs generated by the construction of the Gym restored a sense of pride to many men who might otherwise have been unable to provide for their families. Architecturally the gym is significant for its gabled roof design which is somewhat unique among WPA constructed Gyms in Oklahoma.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: The property is situated in the south half of a tract that begins at the SE corner of Block 14 of Big Cabin, running thence in a southerly direction 300 feet, thence in a westerly direction 380 1 /2 feet, thence in a northerly direction 300 feet, and thence in an easterly direction 380 1/2 feet to the place of origin.


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