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Address: 200 School St., Gage, OK. 73843 County Ellis
Started 1939 Completed 1939

Current Usage


The Gage School is a one-story rectangular (184′ x 40′) building constructed of red brick. The building has a flat roof with parapets. The entry facade contains a recessed door under a brick archway framed with pilasters and a scrolled cornice at the roof line. Above the entry is a concrete frieze. Metal encased windows are triple spaced with concrete sills and are located beneath a concrete frieze.
By providing employment during the Depression for destitute workers near the agricultural and railroad community of Gage, the construction of the Gage School provided an additional service to the community, besides the athletic and educational events it housed. As a WPA building, the school is exceptional in its brick construction materials, quality of workmanship, and state of preservation. Within the community, the building is especially notable because it was the genesis of an unusual enthusiasm for education that continues today.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Block 1, School House Addition to Gage original.


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