Address: D2915 Rd. Bailey, OK 73055County:Grady
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:



“This is another of the WPA-constructed schoolhouses in rural Oklahoma which live on in these small communities.

The town of Bailey is gone! It is a ghost town, lying 12 miles northeast of Marlow. Its post office served from June 25, 1892, until September 30, 1932.

This schoolhouse was constructed in 1939. It faces east along 2915. A sign shows it is/was the home of Bailey Community Church, but we could not determine whether the church still meets here today. This is a one-story Native Stone building which is rectangular with a gabled roof. The front entrance has a four-step stairway, leading to a porch covered by a gabled wood roof, supported by four concrete and wood pillars. There are only a few one-over-one wood-framed windows in this building. A bronze WPA shield is mounted on the west wall of the porch.”   (


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination
  2. The Living New Deal

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