Latimer County Courthouse – Wilburton

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Address:  Central and Ada Streets, Wilburton, Oklahoma 040, Latimer County 077  County:  Latimer
Started:   Completed:  1939

Current Usage:


A two-story building with a basement, the Latimer County Courthouse is a rectangular structure (96 ‘ x 76 ‘) constructed of rusticated and coursed native sandstone. The roof is flat with parapets, and the metal sash windows with pre-formed concret sills are generally placed by twos. Friezes above and below the windows, decorative pilasters around the entryway, and angular roof extensions give the building a distinct art deco flavor generally associated with more costly PW A structures in more urban areas. Although the exterior has been painted a buff color, the courthouse retains its essential architectural integrity.
The courthouse is significant because within the Wilburton community its type, art deco style and workmanship are unique. Indeed in the eleven southeastern counties of Oklahoma, it is the only WPA-constructed county courthouse. Significant too is that construction of the building provided jobs for unskilled and unemployed workers where none had been available, easing the effects of the depression.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots l, 2, 3 and 4, Block 48, Wilburton City original


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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