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Hulsey Prairie School – Wilburton (Vic)

Address:┬áVicinity of Wilburton, Oklahoma County: Latimer
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:


The classic one-room building, the Hulsey Prairie school is a single story, rectangular (24′ x 34′) structure constructed of rusticated and roughly coursed native sandstone. The roof, recently covered with composition shingles, is gabled; the east front window opening, with concrete sills and new panes, reaches to the eave; the front door is recessed behind an archway with a porch.
In a rural and remote area, the school building is significant because construction of it provided work opportunities for unskilled and unemployed laborers facing the possibility of starvation. It also created a new environment conducive to learning for students previously utilizing only temporary educational facilities. Architecturally the building is unique in the community because of its type, style, scale, materials and workmanship. Moreover, it is one of the few one room school buildings constructed by the WPA that survives in relative good condition.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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1 Comment

  1. don Black

    I past this old school building many, many times as a young person. Welived on the old Jim Black ranch from 1954-59 as my dad, Joe Black bought the 1,200 acre ranch in 1949. My sister Joey and I disembarked at that place many times on the way home from Panola School and ran the remaining 3-4 miles home in the nice after noons. I miss those old days very much and feel privileged to be an Okie. God Bless those old hills and Blue Mountain .

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