Lee Square School – Nowata (Vic)

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Address: Vicinity of Nowata, Oklahoma 040, Nowata County 105; NW 1/4, Sec. 11, T 25 N, R 17 E. County: Nowata
Started: 1936Completed: 1937

Current Usage:


This two-room school is a single-story, rectangular (29′ x 53′) structure constructed of cut native stone of buff and light buff colors. The workmanship reaches the level of artistic expression. Some stones were cut into a triangular shape and were strategically placed within the rectangular stones to make a unique design. The roof is gabled. There is a portico with a gabled roof at the front entrance. Inserts have been placed in the windows that, on the rear, reach to the eaves, and smaller, energy-efficient windows have been added. Red shingles have been added to the roof. These alterations do not impeach the integrity of the building.
The school is especially significant for its quality in workmanship and materials selection. Construction of this WPA structure provided work for destitute laborers and infused wages of some 20,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy, alleviating much of the pain of the depression. It also provided new opportunities to those living in an educationally deficient area.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Go east of Nowata on highway no. 60 some 8.5 miles then south on highway no. 28 another 2 miles, then east on county road 1 mile to the school site: beginning at the NW corner of the NW 1/4, go east 315 feet, south 210 feet, west 315 feet, and north 210 feet to the point of beginning, in Sec. 11, T 25 N, R 17 E.


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