Moffett School and Gym – Moffett

Address: Vicinity of Moffett, OklahomaCounty: Sequoyah
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:


This “T” shaped building is constructed from uncut and uncoursed native stone with beaded mortar and measures 144 feet vertically by 58 feet horizontally. The roof is flat and has parapets everywhere except over the gym where it is arched with high pointed parapets. The front entry is recessed with a butress and a bell hung from a roof parapet which gives the building a distinct Spanish Mission flavor. Other entries are surrounded by cut stone arches with keystone. Single metal sash windows have concrete sills. A concrete addition to the rear of the building does not impeach the integrity of this remarkably attractive building.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1939; builder /architect: T .O. Hensley
The school is significant for its vernacular architecture which approximates Spanish Mission style. It is also significant for its quality of workmanship and its large scale. The building is evidence of the value of the WPA to Moffitt in providing temporary relief during the depression that benefitted both destitute and unemployed laborers as well as local mainstreet merchants. The project infused wages from some 48,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy. The structure is also significant because it inaugurated modern education in Moffett, and it continues to be an exceptional resource in that it is used for school purposed some 50 years later.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: On the southwest corner of Moffett at a point 416 feet east of the northwest corner of the NE 1/4, Sec. 33, T 8 N, R 27 E, go 312 feet south, 208 feet east, 312 feet north, and 208 feet west.

Coordinates: 35.39009 -94.44949


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

  1. WPA Properties Sequoyah County – Moffett School and Gym


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