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Address: 5th and Boulevard, Edmond, Oklahoma County Oklahoma
Started 1935 Completed 1936

Current Usage:

Edmond Historical Society/Museum


Constructed in 1936 for the 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division of the Oklahoma National Guard. During it’s history it has severed many purposes such as National Guard Armory, roller skating rink, community center, all sports offices, Parks and Recreation City Offices, meeting hall, and home to local arts programs and now it is the offices of the Historical Society and Museum for Edmond. It has undergone many alternations to it’s original interior to accommodate those purposes, but these changes have not compromised the historic and architectural integrity of the outside of the building. The original architect was Colonel Bryan W. Nolan the work was begun in November 1935 and completed in 1936 at a cost of $39,501. The armory was originally constructed for military purposes to include arms storage and staging. Located at the corner of 5th and Boulevard, it follows a 1930s public building with depression style “modern” architecture using native red sandstone similar to the 1890s University of Center Oklahoma School Building. It originally featured a large vaulted ceiling drill hall, a target range, offices, barracks, arms storage, stage, and garage.[1] 

The building was listed in 1991 on the National Register of Historic sites.


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