School and Gym – Rosston

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Address:  Unmarked Streets, Rosston, Oklahoma 040, Harper County 059 County  Harper
Started:  1938 Completed 1939

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The Rosston School/Gymnasium is a ten to twelve room, single-story, L-shaped (126′ x 122) structure constructed of coursed brick. The roof is flat with a parapet over the classrooms and arched over the gymnasium. An interior chimney is located where the two sections of the building merge. The main entrance is recessed. Wood sash windows, spaced in threes, now have the panes broken out. Some of the doors also are damaged, and the cellar is flooded with water.
The agricultural community of Rosston received improved educational facilities in addition to an athletic and social gathering center from construction of the school/gymnasium. Additionally, the Depression era project provided needed employment for jobless workers and poured wages from more than 40,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy. As a WPA project, the school/gymnasium is important for its scale, style, workmanship, and construction materials. Within the community, the building is notable for its type and scale.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Part of Block 2, Ross Addition to Ross original, more particularly described as follows: beginning at the NE corner of said Block 2, thence west 123 feet, thence south a distance of 2.33 feet, thence east for a distance of 123 feet, thence north a distance of 233 feet to the point of origin.


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