School Gym/Auditorium – Buffalo

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Address:  Second and Olive Streets, Buffalo, Oklahoma 040, Harper County 059 County  Harper
Started:  1937 Completed 1937

Current Usage


The Buffalo School Gymnasium/ Auditorium is a single-story, rectangular (97′ x 60′) structure constructed of coursed brick painted light green. The roof has gables with parapets. A garage door is located on the southeast side of the building; metal encased windows are single spaced. Additions have been attached to the west front and north side of the structure which damages the architectural integrity of the building.
Construction of the Buffalo School Gymnasium/ Auditorium improved the educational facilities in this agricultural community. Prior to the completion of the structure, no building in the district could accomodate a large gathering of people for social occasions or athletic events. Moreover, the Depression era project temporarily employed approximately 25 workers to complete the structure. As a WPA project, the gymnasium is unique for its scale and type. Within the community, the building is unique in terms of its type, style, and scale.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Lots 13 through 20, Block 38, Buffalo original.


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