Turkey Ford Elementary School Bus Barn – Wyandotte (Vic)

Address: Vicinity of Wyandotte, OklahomaCountyOttawa

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The Turkey Ford school bus barn is a single-story, rectangular (23′ x 30) building constructed of crudely laid native stone. Its gabled roof has wood siding within the gables. The two garage door entries, on the west side, have been enclosed with rock masonry similar to than on the rest of the structure. To this has been added a shed type porch roof supported by wood posts. The sash windows have concrete sills and moldings. A single entry doorway in on the northeast corner. The alterations destroy the garage’s architectural integrity.
The construction of the bus barn and other campus improvements are significant because they illustrate the commitment of the WPA to the future of the country. They have served as educational improvements for many local children, a large portion of which have been Indian. Money earned as wages for the construction allowed local men to buy food for their children and ease their suffering during the early days of the depression. The work allowed men to preserve their pride and faith in their country and helped stimulate the depressed local economy. The crude workmanship displayed on the bus barn reflects the progressive character of WPA workmanship, which improved over time.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Go 13.4 miles south of Wyandotte on State highway 10, then go 1.5 miles east on paved county road, then north .3 of a mile to a tract of land beginning at a point 335 feet north of the SW corner of the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Sec. 1, T 25 N, R 24 E; thence running east 208 feet; thence north 208 feet; thence west 208 feet; thence south 208 feet.


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