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Address:  Vicinity of Tuskahoma, Oklahoma 040, Pushmataha County 127; Sec. 26, T 2 N, R 19 E  County:  Pushmataha
Started:   Completed:  1940

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The Tuskahoma school campus includes four WPA structures: an home economics building, a gymnasium/auditorium, a teacherage and a well house. The home economics building is a single story, essentially rectangular (65′ x 50′) structure with offsets and is constructed of untooled and uncoursed, river washed sandstone, polished and vividly red. The roof is gabled, with intersecting gables at either end on the front. Between the intersecting gables is a porch and entryway without a covering; on the back side of the building is an exterior chimney. On the west end the window opening that reaches to the eaves has been reduced in size with wood inserts and smaller, energy efficient windows installed. Original wood sash windows are utilized elsewhere. A beautiful building, the window alteration does not impeach its architectural integrity.
Some 525 feet south of the home economics building is located the gym. A rectangular (95′ x 82′) structure, the gym is constructed also of untooled and uncoursed dark red native sandstone with beaded mortar. The roof is arched. Parapets and pilasters give the building an art deco flavor. Wood sash windows on pre-formed concrete sills have been painted white.
Directly west of the gym 114 feet is the well house. Measuring 11 feet by 11 feet, four foot high walls with pilasters at the corners are constructed of untooled and uncoursed native sandstone. A wood frame with dapboard siding extends the walls another foot higher. A hipped roof covers the structure.
One hundred twenty-three feet directly south of the well house is the teacherage. Shot-gun in style, the teacherage is wood frame and covered by clapboard siding. The roof is gabled. The porch roof is also gabled, supported by a pedistal and three small shafts on each corner. Blind rails enclose most of the porch. Double sash windows are placed by twos.
SIGNIFICANCE: 1937-1940; builder/architect: unknown
The four structures are significant because construction of them provided work opportunities for unskilled and destitute laborers, many of whom were of Choctaw Indian extraction. “Useful” jobs came along just in time to prevent the total economic and spiritual collaspe of the Tuskahoma community. Obviously an inducement to education and group pride, the structures demonstrate a comprehensive approach by the WPA to education: clean water,

VERBAL BO UN DARY DESCRIPTION: The school buildings are located one quarter of a mile south on U.S. highway No. 271 on the paved county road leading to Tuskahoma. The property has a point of beginning in the SW corner of the NE 1/4, of the SW 1/4, of the NE 1/4 in Sec. 26, T 2 N, R 19 E, and runs east 450 feet, north 330 feet, west 120 feet, north 330 feet, west 115 feet, south 330 feet, west 115 feet, and south 330 feet to the point of beginning.


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