Westville High School & Gym – Westville

Address: Chincapin and Park Avenue Streets, Westville, OklahomaCounty Adair
Started: Completed 1936

Current Usage



This two-story, “T” shaped (196′ x 120′) building is constructed of coursed and rusticated native stone. The flat roof has Mission style parapets with concrete coping. The front entryway is recessed behind an arcaded brick portico with balcony. Windows are placed in singles, pairs and triples. They are sash with concrete sills and framing. Hoods supported with brackets and covered with spanish tile cover the upper level windows and the front of the portico. Concrete friezes on the front facade and decorative brickwork on the portico add distinction to this structure. A concrete addition to the north end of the building is not significant enough to impair the architectural integrity of the structure.
This structure is significant for its Mission style architecture which is in many respects unique for WPA buildings in Oklahoma. It is exceptionally beautiful and has no equal in the area in terms of size and quality of workmanship. Many man hours of labor went into its completion. The money earned by the laborers went back into the community helping to stimulate the economy during the depression. The structure continues to serve as an economic resource for the community as teacher and other school personnel salaries are infused back into the local economy. The degree to which such a structure helped foster a sense of pride and achievement is hard to understand out of the context of the depression times during which it was built.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: All of Block 57, Westville original plan.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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  1. WPA Properties Adair County – Westville High School & Gym


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