White Oak School Gym – Vinita

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Address: Vicinity of Vinita, Oklahoma 040, Craig County 035; NW 1/4, Sec. 28, T 25 N, R 19 E County Craig
Started: Completed 1942

Current Usage


The White Oak gymnasium is a rectangular (100′ x 55′) addition to a pre-existing school building constructed of brick which has been painted white. The roof is arched with stepped parapets. The main entryway is recessed and framed by pilasters; the latter decorates the side of the gym as well. Window openings have been filled with wood inserts; their concrete sills have been painted red. Additions on the rear and side of the gym have pretty much destroyed the integrity of this building.
The White Oak gymnasium is significant for its brick building materials. Most WPA structures in northeastern Oklahoma were constructed from native stone. Equally significant is the wages from some 32,000 man hours of labor that construction of the buildings brought to the community. In many cases the WPA wages were the sole means of income for depression stricken men. As these wages were spent locally they stimulated the economy and helped ease the burdens of a limited money supply. The school still serves as an economic resource for the community as teachers salaries and workers wages are infused back into the local business community.


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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