Whitesboro School Campus (Three Bldgs) – Whitesboro

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Address:  Vicinity of Whitesboro, Oklahoma 040, Leflore County 079; Sec. 33, T 3 N, R 23 E  County:  Leflore
Started:   Completed:  1940

Current Usage:


The Whitesboro school campus includes three WPA structures: a classroom building, a gymnasium and a teacherage. An eight-room facility, the classroom is a single story, rectangular (ca. 46′ x 98′) structure constructed of untooled and uncoursed native sandstone of different colors. Now covered with composition shingles, the roof is gabled; and recessed behind arches, entryways are at either end of the building. Metal casement classroom windows on concrete sills rise to the eaves.
Sixty feet east of the classroom building is the gymnasium. Single story with a high ceiling and rectangular (ca. 57′ x 87′) in size, it too was constructed of untooled and uncoursed native sandstone. The roof is gabled with parapets; metal casement windows are in use. Concrete block additions have been attached to either end of the gym, and some idiot has painted the stone white. The architectural integrity of the gym has obviously been impaired, but it has not been destroyed.
North of the classroom building 100 feet is the teacherage. Constructed of undressed and uncoursed native stone, and bungalow-like in style, it is a single story, rectangular (35′ x 24′) structure with a gable roof. The front porch is covered by another gable roof supported with shafts on pedistals. Placement of wood sash windows varies.
As rural WPA buildings, the Whitesboro campus structures are remarkable for their scale and their number. Within the rural community they are unique architecturally because of their type, style, scale, materials and workmanship. The three buildings are also significant because construction of them gave workers long on relief rolls the opportunity for some economic security and useful labor in which they could take pride. They also provided a totally new learning environment for students previously deprived eductionally.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: On state highway No. 63 just west of Whitesboro and on the south side of the road, the property begins 1040 feet south and 520 feet west of Sec. 33, T 3 N, R 23 E, and goes 416 feet south, 208 feet west, 416 feet north and 208 feet east.


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