Address: Second and Ash Streets, Stilwell, OklahomaCounty Adair
Started: Completed 1940

Current Usage


The old Stilwell High School is a single story “L” shaped structure measuring 175′ along the west front and 94′ on the north side. It is constructed of cut and rusticated, most colorful native stone laid in a random pattern. The roof is flat with parapets capped by pre-formed concrete blocks. Modified stepped pilasters provide decorative relief on the front, while entryways are recessed and covered with a pre-formed, curved concrete awning. Windows are arranged by twos and threes with continuous lintels and generally with continuous sills. The building was apparently attached to a pre-existing gym on the south and a classroom section on the northeast. These structures do not impair the integrity of the WPA building.
This school is significant as an economic resource for the community. Approximately 112,500 manhours of labor were spent in completing the building. The wages from the labor were infused back into the local community helping to fuel the economy and counteract the problems of a limited money supply. Its size also suggests that large numbers of men were employed in the actual construction of this structure, many of these men might otherwise have not been able to feed their families given the dire economic conditions of the time. Educationally the structure has served and continues to serve the educational needs of the area. As a high school the structure provided for consolidation of several districts into a single district with improved facilities. Today the school houses Flaming Rainbow University a largely Indian facility.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the northwest corner of Block 11, Stilwell original plat go south 225 feet, east 150 feet, north 225 feet, and west 150 feet.


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