Address: Delaware and Second Streets, Jay, Oklahoma County Delaware
Started: Completed 1939

Current Usage



This two level, rectangular shaped (53′ x 39′) structure is constructed of random ashlar masonry. It has a hipped roof with projecting eaves and two interior chimneys. The single door front entry contains a concrete lintel and is reached by a stoop with three steps. An upper level entry on the south side is reached by stairs with side walls. Double-hung wood sash windows are singly placed and grouped into pairs. These have concrete sills and lintels.
This structure is significant because it constituted an important community resource. Wages for some 24,000 man-hours of labor earned in its construction were infused back into the local community stimulating business and easing the destitution of depression stricken local families. It also was important in that it enabled the county government to initiate for the first time a major social service/health care program. Architecturally the building is significant for its fine workmanship obtained from unskilled laborers, and as a WPA building its two-level design.[1]

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the northeast corner of Sec. 1, T 22 N, R 23 Ego 300 feet west and 270 feet south to a point of beginning, then go west 208 feet, south 208 feet, east 208 feet, and north 208 feet.


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