Address: State highway No. 2 north, Kinta, OklahomaCounty: Haskell
Started: Completed: 1936
Agencies:WPANRHP:September 26, 1988

Current Usage:

Elementary School


A six-room building originally, Kinta High School is a single story, rectangular (55′ x 122′) structure constructed of rusticated and coursed native sandstone. The masonry is impressive, especially on the corners. The Richardsonian influence is apparent. The roof is flat with parapets; two front entryways on the west are recessed behind arches. Windows, with concrete sills, are arranged by threes and reach to the level of interior ceilings.
The school building is significant because it provided work opportunities for unemployed coal miners in the rural Kinta community, permitting some economic security and the restoration of self pride. It also created an environment more conducive to learning for students that had previously had no separate high school facility. As a rural WPA school building, the structure is unique for its size. Architecturally the building is notable in its faint allusion to academic styles, materials and workmanship.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: A tract 209 feet square in the southeast corner of Block 91, Kinta original


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination
  2. National Register of Historic Places

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