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White Rock School – Meeker

Address:White Rock Road and Wilshire, Meeker (vic) County:Lincoln
Started: Completed:1935

Current Usage:


“Built in 1935, this WPA building is still a thriving school in this rural community…

White Rock School is located eight miles west of the town of Meeker, and three miles north on White Rock Road. The school is addressed in the town of Mcloud. This is a rectangular building constructed of native sandstone. It was an early WPA project in 1935 with an appropriation of $12,792.

The main entrance faces east and has a raised pediment. The double doors are slightly recessed with a pair of windows to either side. The building is constructed of coursed native sandstone. The wood-framed windows have been partially covered at the top with wide wood boarding, as a saving feature on utilities. The school is listed in the Oklahoma Landmark Inventory database under the town of Meeker. Additional photos taken in 1987 can be seen in the database.

We learned an interesting story from a local resident in Meeker. West of the school in a wooded area are the concrete walls of an old mission church. The story goes that decades ago, the church roof caved in and the pastor and others in the church were killed. For many years, their grave sites stood west of the church building. We were unable to find any headstones, and the resident indicated he believes the graves were moved years ago. The area is still shown as Horton Chapel Cemetery on a cemetery website, with no current grave sites. The gutted church building still stands behind the school.”   (


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  1. Harold Redd

    This is where I started school in the first grade. Ms. Clara Little was my first teacher.

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