Address:16011 N. E. Wilshire Blvd. Jones, OK 73049County:Oklahoma
Started: Completed:1937

Current Usage:


“State Center Middle School is located at 16011 N. E. Wilshire in Jones. This is a small brick school, with the east end being a gymnasium that was WPA-built. The gymnasium is a rectangular simple-styled building, with a barrel roof. The front of the building, facing south,has four bays, separated by wide brick columns…Several windows have been bricked in on the east and north sides. A single metal entrance with a wood ramp accesses the rear of the gymnasium.

There is a large open gazebo at the front of the building which may post-date the building. There is no WPA marking on the building, however, it is listed as one of the WPA school projects from the 1930s. The building is currently still in use as a school gymnasium.”   (



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