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Professional Soccer Stadium


“Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City was one of the largest high school football stadiums built as a WPA project in Oklahoma. In fact, it took several approved projects to complete the facility.”  (Barton)

A waymarking submitter describes the stadium as follows: “Facing May Avenue, this is a native rock wall, approximately three stories high. It is immediately recognizable as a WPA project with its distinctive look. High above the center of the wall, in stone is a circular monogram reading TAFT and beneath that STADIUM.

There are six large, arched entries, and six ticket windows. All are filled with wood. High on the wall are four tall, narrow window openings. Behind the rock wall are concrete bleachers rising up to the third level.

This stadium in recent years has been the home of the National Women’s Football Association team, as well as being used for football games by Northwest Classen High School and John Marshall High School.”   (

The stadium was constructed between 1937 and 1938.

As of June 2014, a project is underway to renovate Taft Stadium. The OKC government website reports: “The new facilities that will be built consist of an artificial turf, resurfaced track, locker rooms, pressbox, new metal grandstand s, new concession buildings, public restrooms, fenced storage, and structural repairs to renovate the existing WPA wall on the East side of Taft Stadium.” An additional photo has been added to the gallery showing the WPA wall standing amid other demolition.[1]

Stadium is to get a new upgrade due to a bond issue passed in 2013. With new turf, track, stands, concessions and locker rooms.[2]

The stadium is currently use for the OKC Energy Professional Soccer team.[3]


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