Address:Vicinity of Hartshorne, Oklahoma County: Pittsburg
Started: Completed: 1936
Agencies:WPANRHP:September 8, 1988

Current Usage:

Private Residence


The classic one-room building, the Cole Chapel school is a single story, rectangular (55′ x 24′) structure constructed of cut and roughly coursed native sandstone. The masonry is crude. The roof is gabled; the west front wood sash windows on cut stone sills reach to the eaves; the front doorway is arched and covered by a small porch.
The Cole Chapel school is an excellent example of WPA-built one room school constructed early during the program’s life in Oklahoma, especially in that it is one of few that survives in relatively good condition. Within the rural community itself, the building is architecturally significant in terms of type, style, materials and workmanship. It is notable too that construction of the building coincided with the coming of modern education in the Cole Chapel area. Moreover, unemployed and destitute coal miners found some economic security from the ravages of the depression by accepting jobs to help construct the school building.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Take the paved county road from Hartshorne to Adamson for some three and one-half miles north of its intersection with U.S. highway No. 270; the property is on the east side of the road, being a 209 square foot tract in the SW corner of the NW 1/4 and a 209 square foot tract in the NW corner of the SW 1/4, in Sec. 17, T 5 N, R 17 E.


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