Address:525 West 1st, Konawa, OklahomaCounty:Seminole
Started: Completed: 1938

Current Usage:


Two structures on this campus are being identified for the State Landmarks Survey: a gymnasium and two tennis courts. The Gymnasium is a single-story, rectangular (166′ x 100′) structure constructed from un-tooled and un-coursed native sandstone. The building has an arched roof and parapets. The entryways are recessed and framed by pilasters and are reached by long stairways with blind stone rails. Windows are metal casement, although some have been replaced with wood inserts. Pilasters on the sides provide decorative relief. Unfortunately the exterior walls have been covered with stucco.
The tennis courts at the campus are situated some 85 feet north of the gymnasium. They measure 113 feet by 92 feet, and the original concrete court has been covered with asphalt. Retaining walls of stone and seating of concrete surrounds the court.
The significance of the Konawa campus is that it reflects the major relief program undertaken by the WPA and the willingness of the agency to support projects of different types (there is also a band room and a vocational agriculture building, both of which have been nominated to the National Register) at a single place. Construction also provided a host of jobs for the economically destitute at Konawa.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: In block 7, Shirley Townsend Addition to Konawa.


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