Address: Vicinity of Cromwell, OklahomaCounty:Seminole
Started: Completed: 1938

Current Usage:

Cemetery Chapel


The chapel at the Schoolton Cemetery is a single-story, rectangular (36′ x 24′) structure constructed from untooled and uncoursed native sandstone with beaded mortar. It has a gable roof now covered with tin. The main entry has double doors with a stepped concrete lintel above it. The windows have concrete lintels as well as sills. The windows on the front of the structure are fixed, while the other three sides have sash windows.
Improvement of cemeteries was one of the earliest types of projects undertaken by the WPA. Generally those improvements consisted of fences and very modest shelters. The Schoolton Chapel is different in that there is no fence associated with it and the structure itself is rather substantial. Indeed the workmanship is impressive. Within the community the chapel is unique architecturally in terms of type, materials, and workmanship. Its construction provided job opportunities for unemployed workers and for farmers who, due to crop failures that were drought-related, needed an income in order to maintain their farms.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From Cromwell go 3 and 1/2 miles north on state highway 56, then 1 mile north on section line, then 1/4 mile west to cemetery chapel, it being on a tract that begins at a point 416 feet east and 208 feet north of the SW corner of the SE 1/4 of Sec. 21, T 11 N, R 8 E, go east 208 feet, north 208 feet, west 208 feet and south 208 feet.

Coordinates: 35.407309948929566, -96.46577235226061


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

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