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Wolf School – Bowlegs (Vic)

Address: Vicinity of Bowlegs, OklahomaCounty:Seminole
Started: Completed: 1936

Current Usage:


This four-room school is a single-story, rectangular (125′ x 73′) structure constructed of red brick. The roof, is flat with parapets. The main entryway is recessed, and framed by pilasters and a stepped cornice at the roof line. Wiondow openings have brick sills on the front and sides and concrete sills in the rear. While original metal casement windows are retained on the back, on the front they have been replaced with wood inserts and smaller, aluminum sash windows. On the sides window openings have been filled with cinder blocks. These alterations have not compromised the architectural integrity of the building.
This school is unique within Wolf because of its scale, type, and style. But more significantly, its construction provided jobs for many unemployed workers, thus reducing their suffering. The school served many years as a learning center for the children of the community. It is symbolic of the role of the WPA in promoting learning and easing the suffering of those who were struck by the economic depression.

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: Situated four miles south of Bowlegs on old highway 99, the property begins at a point 260 links west of the NE corner of Section 16, T 7 N, R 6 E; and goes west 8 chains, south 5 chains, west 8 chains, and north 5 chains.

Coordinates? : 35.08619359630845, -96.67214965450499


  1. Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination

Supported Documents:

  1. WPA Properties Seminole County – Wolf School



  1. Kathy

    I went to school there in 1959. Mrs. Holley was my teacher for both first and second grades. I remember being in the Christmas plays and recesses on the playground.

  2. Jacob Dorrough

    I went to school there until it closed I was in third grade

  3. Shelly Terrill

    My grandmother graduated from this school I was wondering if anybody have any pictures of this place or the kids that went to school there went back and seen it after so many years I do believe there was someone living in the school at the time

  4. Lois Dean Turney Myers

    my mother, Rena Lois Brooks and my dad ,Richard Dean Turney went to this school. They are both deceased now. from Lois Dean Turney Myers.

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