Address: Vicinity of Tishomingo, Oklahoma County: Johnston
Started: Completed: 1939

Current Usage:

Fish Hatchery


The National Fish Hatchery at Reagan boasts seven WPA structures: a caretaker’s house with a garage and wellhouse, an office/garage with a wellhouse, a hatchery house, and a fuel house. The caretaker’s house is a single-story, six-room bungalow that measures 55′ x 42′. It is constructed of tooled native stone randomly laid. The roof is gabled with one intersecting gable. The end gables are sided with clapboard. Screened-in porches with blind rails on the front and rear are covered with hipped roofs. Windows are wood sash with concrete sills. Behind the house is a square wellhouse (8′ x 8′) that is constructed of tooled and coursed stone. It has a hipped roof. A rectangular shaped (28′ x 15′) garage constructed of randomly laid cut stone lies 50 feet east of the house. It has a gabled roof and a single garage door.
The office/garage, located northeast of the house, is a single-story, rectangular (72′ x 30′) structure constructed of tooled native stone randomly laid. It has a gabled roof with clapboard siding under the gable. Entryways consist of one regular wooden door and four garage doors. Windows are metal casement and rest on pre-formed concrete sills. The structure has one chimney stack. An 8′ x 11′ wellhouse rests west of this building.
The fuel house sits west of the office/garage. It is made of tooled and randomly laid native stone. The entry door and windows have concrete lintels and sills. The roof is gabled. The structure is single-story and measures 14′ x 10′.
The hatchery house is located northwest of the office/garage. It is a single-story, rectangular (69′ x 35′) structure constructed of tooled native stone. It has a gable roof, two garage door entries, and casement windows with continuous concrete sills. The gable has clapboard siding and brackets in the eaves.
The facilities at Reagan National Fish Hatchery demonstrate the comprehensiveness of the WPA construction program. Supporting a fish hatchery operation was an effort to enhance economic development and to promote recreation, two objectives essential to recovery from the national depression. The caretaker cottage and outbuildings are unique in terms of types of structures constructed by the WPA, and within the community they are notable architecturally for the materials of construction, style and workmanship. Of course, construction of the facilities also provided job opportunities for destitute workers long on the relief rools, enabling them to regain some self respect and to acquire a measure of economic security. 

VERBAL BOUNDARY DESCRIPTION: From the SW corner of Sec. 30, T 2 S, R 6 E, go 2085 feet east and 1232 feet north to a point of beginning and then go 208 feet west, 208 feet north, 208 feet east and 208 feet south; from NE corner of the previously described tract go 1456 feet east and 832 feet north to a place of beginning and then 208 feet east, 208 feet north, 208 feet west and 208 feet south; and from NW corner of the just described property go north 208 feet as a place of beginning, and then 208 feet west, 208 feet north, 208 feet east and 208 feet south.


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