German Offensive, And Allied Reduction Of Colmar, 1 Jan.-9 Feb. & Territoral Changes 16 Dec.-7 Feb. 1945PDF
The Rhineland Campaign, Operations 8 February-5 March & Operations 6-10 March 1945PDF
The Rhineland Campaign, Operations 11-21 March 1945 & SummaryPDF
Allied Gains In Europe, December 1944-May 1945PDF
Crossing Of The Rhine, 22-28 March 1945PDF
Encirclement Of The Ruhr, 29 March-4 April 1945PDF
Reduction Of Ruhr Pocket And Adnace To the Elbe And Middle Rivers, 5-18 April 1945PDF
Final Operations, 19 April-7 May 1945PDF
Allied Occupation ZonesPDF
Oklahoma & Indian TerritoriesJPG